There are many keys to being successful in business, from selling the right goods and services to keeping your employees or investors happy to recognizing trends that may affect your business. But if what you do to put food on the table involves selling to the public, it has never been more important to keep in touch with your customers. As a commercial photographer, you may be tempted to fall into the trap of believing your work will sell itself and customers will call you, but our advice is simple: Do not believe it for a minute.

Here Are Ways a Commercial Photographer Stays in Touch with Clients

As a commercial photographer, whether established or just starting out, you should always keep in touch with your clients, and here are some easy steps to follow to help you do that.

Never Underestimate the Value of the Telephone

When it comes to keeping clients and attracting new ones, perhaps no form of communication goes further than a simple telephone call. If you have started building a client base, make sure you have one or more telephone numbers where a customer can be reached, and do not be afraid to reach out with a simple call. If you have to leave a message rather than talking with someone, take a few moments to prepare what you want to say, and convey that in a friendly manner. Avoid anything that sounds like a sales pitch.

The Postal Service is Your Friend

A commercial photographer earns a living through visuals — portraits, corporate photography, nature photography, or any other kind — and one of the best ways to stay in touch with customers is through an occasional mailing of post cards or flyers. Depending on the size of your customer base, you may decide direct mail (DM) is the way to go due to cost, but remember: Direct mail pieces, whether post cards or a flyer, are often mixed together in bulk with other DM in one envelope. This means your post card can be easily tossed in the garbage without ever being seen. A better option is a professionally designed and printed post card — featuring your best photo samples — which you can send out to your best customers. Just a quick “Hello” or brief announcement about special events photography and special pricing for existing customers should do the trick.

Finally, develop an online presence. As a commercial photographer, your skills and accomplishments should be front and center on your website or blog — preferably on the home page and in a photo gallery that gets updated monthly. And do not forget about the power of Social Media — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. Another good option is targeted email campaigns using tools like Constant Contact, or even something simpler you design yourself and personally send out to your email contact list.

While the photographs you take as a commercial photographer tell a story about you and your customers, nothing helps you stay in touch than simply reaching out whenever possible.

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