Commercial Photography in Toronto & Mississauga

Merrow Photography has been offering commercial photography services in the Greater Toronto area for many years, providing companies with conceptualized, quality photos that portray excellence, trust and uniqueness within a company.

What is Commercial Photography?

Put simply, commercial photography is the act of taking photos for commercial use. (You probably got that much from the title). But what that really means is photos taken to promote your business. Think of advertising, website design, promotional material and reports. Brochures, business cards and press photos are all part of commercial photography.

Depending on what your company offers, you may want to include photos of your products, facilities, location or the people that make your business run. Good photography will tell a story about your business and what you offer through images.

Commercial Photography Services We Offer

  • Commercial Portrait Photography

Need professional head shots for yourself or your employees? Dave Merrow, our commercial portrait photographer, can make sure that not only do you look great in your photos, but that the photos portray the correct message.

  • Corporate Event Photography

Large corporate events are expensive, and we understand the time and effort you put behind planning and executing them – which is why it’s important you have beautiful, quality photos that capture the personality and essence of your event.

  • Corporate Photography

Need photographs of your office environment, workspace or commercial space? We’ve got you covered. Dave Merrow has extensive experience in bringing out the best features of any corporate space.

Benefits of Commercial Photography

The list of benefits that come from hiring a professional commercial photographer runs long, but the top two benefits are as follows:

  1. Communicate Your Message

Pictures speak louder than words. Quality photos that truly represent you and the values you want to communicate to your clients and peers are priceless.

  1. Competitive Edge

Are your competitors using basic stock photography? Using real images of your people, events and location will allow potential clients a glimpse into the real business or services your offer – giving you a better chance at sealing the deal.

Why Choose Merrow Photography?

Dave Merrow has over a decade of experience working in the industry, and that’s evident in the quality of his work. We recognize the importance of a quality image, and we will work with you to create the perfect image to represent you and your company.

Give us a call if you’re in the Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington or Hamilton areas for a free quote.