Creative Techniques a Commercial Photographer Might Use in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington & Hamilton

Commercial photography isn’t and shouldn’t be boring! A good commercial photographer will be able to tell the story of your company through photos that entice the eye and help sell your business to potential clients and customers. But plain old photos don’t always do that, which is why an experienced commercial photographer will have a few creative tricks up his (or her) sleeve to create the best end result!

How a Commercial Photographer Makes Images more Appealing

Whether it’s equipment or camera settings, there are many ways that a commercial photographer can change the way the photo will come out.

  1. Reflectors

Especially in commercial portrait photography, reflectors are a photographer’s best friend! These discs can help the photographer create highlights exactly where they want them, making the subject stand out.

  1. Flashes

An experienced commercial photographer will come prepared with many different styles of flashes. These different flash attachments can create different effects of lighting, giving the photo completely different looks. Off-camera flashes can be set up close to the subject, even if the photographer is standing further back, to ensure the subject is properly lit up.

  1. Low and High Key
  • Low Key: dark tones dominate. The shadows are very dark, and the highlights are not too bright.
  • High Key: bright tones dominate. Dark tones are eliminated or reduced selectively to give a very bright look overall.

Both styles can be used to portray different emotions through a photo. You can discuss with your photographer if either style would be a good fit for your company.

  1. Movement

Are you looking for something a little edgy? Do you have a fitness centre or other active business? Special effects can be used to make it look as though you’re moving in the photo. Is your company fast-paced? This technique might be a good fit for you.

  1. Exposure Compensation

Exposure is used to compensate for dark and light tones in a photo. However, under or over exposing the light can sometimes be used to create a unique visual effect. In order to make this look like it was actually intentional (and not just a mistake) your photographer must be very experienced.

  1. Backlighting

A subject is back lit when the predominant light source is coming from behind the subject. This can give a beautiful, glowing effect when done properly. These photos can range anywhere from full silhouette photos to light, breezy and glowing photos.

  1. Creating a Shadow

A simple shadow can do a lot to create dramatic effect in a portrait. Depending on the image of your business that you’re trying to portray, shadows can really elevate your portraits to a new level.

Dave Merrow is a commercial portrait photographer with years of experience – and ensures that your photo shoot is anything but boring. Servicing the Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton areas for many years, you can find his work on websites, in magazines and other paper publications. If you’re looking for a photographer who has a creative yet professional flare, give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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