How to Prepare for Your Commercial Photo Portrait Session

With the proliferation of websites and Social Media, controlling public perception has never been more critical or difficult for companies and business owners than it is today. Whether you’re the president of a multi-million dollar company with hundreds or thousands of employees, or a sole proprietorship based out of a garage office, how you appear to the public online or in brochures or other advertising material can affect business growth and how many customers buy your goods or services. At Merrow Photography, we’ve been providing high quality commercial photography services to companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area since 2004 and understand how important it is for businesses to be represented in a positive manner through official photographs.

As a leading commercial photographer, Dave Merrow and his staff specialize in environmental and studio portraiture, as well as photographs for official biographies, corporate websites, email and advertising campaigns, trade shows, and corporate and other special events. Preparing for business photographs is especially important, as headshots of company executives and employees are often the first thing a prospective customer sees when they visit a website or look at brochures or printed materials.

How to Prepare for a Portrait Photo Session

Thanks to years of experience, artistic talent, and a photojournalist’s eye, Dave understands the value of preparing for a photo session well before it begins. Here are tips to follow before looking into the camera lens:

Business Attire is Important

Wear business attire that projects the correct image about you and your company, and one that reinforces positivity about a corporate brand, product, or service. While advertising campaigns play an important role in attracting customers, they shouldn’t become part of photo sessions where the focus is on taking a headshot. For this reason, try and stay away from incorporating logos, products, and loud prints into the session, and instead wear clothing that includes deep blues, greens, and black. With the exception of a shirt or blouse worn underneath a jacket, we also recommend staying away from bright, solid whites as they may draw attention away from the face.

Talk About Style with the Photographer

Thanks to his experience in commercial photography, Dave Merrow can help clients have a better understanding of a style that works best with the type of photograph being taken. Official company headshots for biographies, annual reports, or brochures are pretty straight forward, but full-body photographs or lifestyle photographs that draw out personal character allow for more creativity and thinking “outside the box.”

Posing and Personality

For business owners and executives, it’s especially important that official photographs convey who they are as people. Body language isn’t something that is conveyed solely in person; it’s present in every picture taken, and projects a message about that person – whether the person appears comfortable, relaxed, confident, and is willing to speak to his or her audience through the magic and power of photography. Not everyone is comfortable having their picture taken, even if it’s something they have to do as part of their job, so we strongly urge our clients to prepare for the photo session by:

  • Practicing smiling in front of a mirror beforehand.
  • Making sure hair is styled and combed, and cosmetics have been applied as desired.
  • Checking clothing to make sure it fits properly and isn’t too revealing.
  • Working on body language by standing or sitting in different poses.
  • Relaxing, and coming to the photo session with an open mind.

At Merrow Photography, we help our customers present their brand and control their business image through high quality photographs. Call 905.609.5475 for more information.

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